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In past WBWG meetings, we had a fun fundraiser thanks to the generous donations of our members and vendors. To keep this great tradition going, we need your help. Please contribute an item or service for our raffle and/or auction for the April 2013 biennial WBWG meeting in Santa Fe. Contact Marikay Ramsey (marikayr@blm.gov) with what you can contribute. We will have an address in Santa Fe where you can send the item to in March if you do not want to bring it to the meeting. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

The Western Bat Working Group is pleased to announce the 2013 Western Bat Working Group Biennial Meeting to be held April 1-4 2013 at the Inn at Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The WBWG meeting will begin with an opening reception on Monday evening. The conference will feature several invited speakers, and three days of facilitator-run workshop where we will review and update the Western Bat Species: Regional Priority Matrix.

During/before the conference there will be an acoustic workshop which will demonstrate hands on state-of-the-art workflow solutions available from Binary Acoustic Technologies, Pettersson, Titley, and Wildlife Acoustics. We will also have a poster session, banquet, and special auction on Wednesday evening. The meeting will conclude at 5 p.m. on Thursday. After the conference, on April 4-6, Wildlife Acoustics will be holding a Song Meter SM2BAT+ and Echo Meter EM3 training class.

Since the development of the first Western Bat Species Regional Priority Matrix in 1998, emerging threats such as climate change, wind energy, and WNS necessitate a reevaluation of the matrix. In addition, advances in methodology for assessing species’ status provide a means toward deriving more consistent, repeatable, and transparent ranks. To update the matrix, WBWG will reexamine the status of western bat species by applying NatureServe’s methodology for assigning conservation status ranks. We will assess species’ status within each of the eight western Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs). For each species, regional teams will compile available information for eight core status rank factors. The initial assessment will be presented for review and discussion during the April 2013 WBWG Biennial Meeting.

We hope to see you in Santa Fe!

The Final Program will be published online in early spring.

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