Guidelines and Submission

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Abstract Content

An abstract is a concise statement of your research. Abstracts should be informative and conclusive – do not simply state that results will be discussed. A typical abstract includes four sections;

  • Title An informative sentence that summarizes the importance of the project
  • Authors Names
  • Affiliation Institute/Organization
  • Body of Abstract The body typically includes the following pieces of information;
    •               Background Describe the reasons for your investigation and your hypothesis
    •               Methods Describe the experimental methods
    •               Results Outline essential results, important quantitative data, statistics
    •               Conclusion End the abstract with conclusions supported by your results
Section Guidelines


  • 1 inch margins
  • Single spaced
  • ‘Times New Roman’ font
  • 11 pt (except Affiliations which is 10 pt.)
  • Full justification (align left and right margins
  • Use symbols and accents where necessary


  • 16 words or less
  • Bold font
  • No punctuation after title unless it ends with a question mark
  • Use either a scientific name (italicized) or a common name, but not both
  • Capitalize first letter of each word except prepositions, articles, and species names


  • Author names begin on line immediately after the title
  • Comma separates authors, except last author name which is preceded by “and”
  • Precede presenter’s name with an asterisk (*). Indicate affiliation by placing a number, or numbers, in superscript after the author name


  • Follow authors on next line with affiliations
  • Precede each affiliation by a bold number in sequence (1, 2, 3, 4…), followed by a space
  • Include only Department, Institute, City and State
  • Separate affiliations with a semicolon (;) no period at the end

Abstract Body

  • 250 words or less
  • Use an acronym only after full spelling of a term has been defined

File Format

  • Only .doc or .docx formats will be accepted (use Word, OpenOffice or any program that produce .docx files)
Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstracts by 5 pm, February 1, 2017.

Please email Laura Ellison directly at

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