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The Western Bat Working Group Listserv is open to everyone that would like to send and receive information and news regarding bats in the west, and for disseminating news and events for the WBWG.

Subscribing to the Western Bat Working Group Listserv:

To receive list mail at the address from which you're sending your mail, simply send an email message to: joe (at the domain) humboldt.edu  and write in the subject of the message:  “subscribe wbwgList.”

If for some reason you wish to have the mailings go to a different address (a friend's address, a specific other system on which you have an account, or an address which is more correct than the one that automatically appears in the "From:" header on the mail you send), then tell Joe that address (or addresses for you or others) in the body of the message.

Once subscribed, you should next get a welcome message, containing list policies and features. (Unfortunately, only members with a humboldt.edu address can directly access any of the links listed.)

Unsubscribing from the WBWG Listserv:

To UNSUBSCRIBE from the mailing list, simply send an email message to: joe (at the domain) humboldt.edu and write in the subject of the message write: “unsubscribe wbwgList.”

Using the WBWG Listserv:

To send a message to EVERYONE on the list:
Send an email message to: wbwglist (at) humboldt.edu.

Please honor the usual etiquette for listservs:

* Do not post a message unless you think it may be of interest to the entire group.

* Use care in replying to a message, e.g., if someone posts a message and you want to reply to that individual only, check that the address on your message is to that individual and not the mailing list address.

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