2023 Biennial Meeting and Workshop

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  • Tuesday, April 18, 2023
  • Wednesday, April 19, 2023
  • Thursday, April 20, 2023
  • Friday, April 21, 2023

0100 pm - 0430 pm

Pre Conference Team Meeting

BC Bat Action Team meeting, B.C. Government Offices Auditorium, Capital Park, 525 Superior Street, Victoria

0230 pm - 0600 pm

Whale Watching Tour

Eagle Wing Tours, Fisherman’s Wharf Pier “B”

0600 pm - 0900 pm

Pre Conference Social, Pender Island Room, Hotel Grand Pacific, Victoria

Sponsor Presentations by Vesper Bats, Sonobat

0830 am


Rob Schorr, Western Bat Working Group President

0845 am

Keynote Address Misplaced Conservation of Migratory Bats

Erin Baerwald, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, CAN

0930 am

The Ecology Sessions | Fire

Presentations by Ted Weller and Erin Low

1020 am

Break Species from Feces

Faith Walker, Northern Arizona University

1030 am

The Ecology Sessions | Movements

Presentations by Pat Brown, Bethany Schulze, Chelsea Andreozzi, Kyle Nelson and Cori Lausen

1205 pm


On your own

0120 pm

The Ecology Sessions | An Arizona Connection

Presentations by Angela McIntire, Ronald Mixan, Hayden Hutcherson, and Matthew Mitchell

0300 pm


Brian Beckley, VODAIQ

0310 pm

Population Monitoring

Presentations by Brian Reichert, Sarah Gaulke, and Rebecca Mccaffery

425 pm

Session Close, Rob Schorr

Dinner on your own

0830 am

Opening Remarks

Cori Lausen, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

0845 am

Mitigation and Management Practices

Presentations by Michael Anissimoff, Karen Vanderwolf, Susan Dulc and Jill Carpenter

1015 am


Kathy Gerst, Bat Conservation International

1030 am

Bats at the Cellular level

Presentations by Jonathan Reichard, Cori Lausen, Zeinab (Rose) Haidar and Sean MacDonald

1200 pm


On your own

0115 pm

Threatened and Endangered

Presentations by Bethany Straw, Katrina Smith, Jason Williams and Roger Rodriguez

0300 pm


Wildlife Acoustics

0315 pm

T&E Bat Species Open Discussion

0400 pm

Session Close, Announcements

0415 pm - 0545 pm

Poster Session

0600 pm - 0900 pm

Banquet, Auction

0800 am

Workshop Opening

0815 am


Presenters/Panelists include Mike Annissimoff,  Lisa Wilkinson, Jonathan Reichard, Jason Williams, Kent Russell, Angie McIntyre and Jeremy Coleman

0845 am


Presenters/Panelists include Erin Baerwald,  Bethany Straw, Brian Reichert, Amie Macdonald and Cori Lausen

0905 am

Group Session

Group discussion; break-out group formation

0950 am


Larisa Bishop-Boros; WEST, Inc.

1000 am

Group Sessions

Break-out group session

1100 am

Summary Discussions

Break-out groups amalgamate for summary discussions

1145 am


Workshop summary and closing remarks, Rob Schorr and Cori Lausen

1200 pm

End of Conference

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