Education of people at all levels about the importance of bats in our environment is essential to the long term survival of bat species in North America. There are numerous state, federal, and private groups interested in educating the public about the importance of bats. For a partial list of these groups or to find more information about bats, see our list of links to other sites. State and federal land management agencies are in need of management direction to help in preserving key habitat areas for bats, particularly at caves and mines. For this reason, the Coalition of North American Bat Working Groups is cooperatively developing the first North American Bat Conservation Strategic Plan. You can help this effort go forward by joining the State or Regional Bat Working Group in your area. There are no membership dues or fees. The only requirement is an interest in bat conservation and the desire to devote some time and energy to developing and implementing conservation actions for these magnificent animals.

What You Can Do

Become an extraordinary bat advocate by fostering public awareness and being a proactive conservationist.
  • Continue learning about these incredible mammals.
  • Educate others.
  • Establish an artificial bat house.
  • Provide backyard or community wildlife habitat.
  • Join a bat conservation organization.
  • Observe and respect cave closures and advisories; avoid caves, mines or passages containing hibernating bats to minimize disturbance and the potential transmission of white-nose syndrome.
  • if you discover dead or dying bats during winter or early spring, contact your state wildlife agency, US Fish and Wildlife Service biologists at or your nearest service field office.

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