Abandoned Mine Lands Portal | AMLs

The Abandoned Mine Lands Portal provides “one voice” messaging from US federal environmental and land management agencies relative to environmental, health and safety impacts of AMLs. This portal functions as an information repository about the different types of AML sites, their respective environmental, health and safety issues and highlights federal, state, local and tribal resources and successes with AML reclamation activity.

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Bat Conservation International | BCI

Bat Conservation International dedicates themselves to the enduring protection of bat species and their ecosystems. BCI collaborates with local, regional and national entities to counter conservation crises, prevent the extinction of vulnerable species and the extirpation of globally significant bat populations.

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Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative | BWEC

The Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative is an alliance of state and federal agencies, private industry, academic institutions, and nongovernmental organizations that cooperates to develop solutions to minimize or, where possible, prevent mortality of bats at wind power turbines.

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Center for Bat Research, Outreach and Conservation

The Center for Bat Research, Outreach and Conservation at Indiana State University conducts and encourages North American bat research via collaboration, by providing open access publications, teaching and establishing outreach programs.

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North American Society for Bat Research | NASBR

The North American Society for Bat Research is a society dedicated to the promotion and development of the scientific study of bats (Chiroptera) in all its branches, including conservation and public education. The NASBR annual conference, the North American Symposium on Bat Research, convenes professional bat researchers from across North America, with occasional attendees from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.

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The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s is the foremost source of information about white-nose syndrome.


Bat Research News

Bat Research News annually publishes one volume of four issues, focusing on short feature articles and general interest notes. The publications additionally include abstracts of worldwide conference presentations, letters to the editor, news submissions and announcements of future conferences.

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The non-profit initiative,, strives to educate others on the value and beauty of North American bat species, and financially contribute to the fight against and understanding of white-nose syndrome, the devastating disease that’s imperiling northeastern bat populations.

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Save Lucy

The Save Lucy Campaign was created to raise awareness of white-nose syndrome and its devastating impact on North American bats by engaging youth, providing conservation education and supporting projects that protect bat populations threatened by white-nose syndrome via public awareness, funding and captive bat management.

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